Hatton Belisha Beacon Scheme

Hatton Traffic Management made use of CoverMe Belisha Beacon Covers for a HS2 project.

Hatton Belisha Beacon Scheme
CoverMe Road Sign Bags

About the scheme

Hatton Traffic Management took delivery of the CoverMe Belisha Beacon Covers for a HS2 project, instead of using bin bags which are a single-use plastic and, dangerously, are not opaque when the beacon lights are left on overnight. The CoverMe Belisha Beacon Covers are quickly and easily installed from ground level, and are fully reusable - time-and-time again.

The CoverMe covers are also manufactured from a new-to-market recyclable material, which is recyclable at the end of its life. We want to go one step further to do our bit for the environment, and we're currently looking into offering a service where were take back end-of-life CoverMe covers, recycle them and turn them into new products.

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