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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are just some of the questions our customers frequently ask about CoverMe traffic light covers.

How quickly can CoverMe be installed?

CoverMe traffic light covers take just 30 seconds to install per signal - five times quicker than the traditional method of bagging off.

Why is CoverMe a safer solution for operatives?

CoverMe traffic light covers eliminate the risks associated with working at height - and the threat of personal injury or worse - as no ladders are required for the installation.

How is CoverMe installed?

CoverMe is installed using a pole, enabling a single operative to attach the traffic light cover to the traffic signal - from ground level. No ladders or working at height is required. Cordage attached to CoverMe is then used to tie and tightly secure the cover to the traffic signal.

Is the CoverMe traffic light cover easy to remove?

Removing the CoverMe traffic light bag is just as safe and fast to remove. With no ladders required, the traffic light cover can quickly and safely be removed from the traffic signal by a single operative, and reinstalled on another signal if required.